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Smartphone pouch Waterproof quadruple-Lock 4 layer Zip Lock Waterproof Outdoor Sports Casing Bag MYTOYS

RM 7.00

Enjoy outdoor water activities? Love to capture those wet moments? Never leave home without your waterproof outdoor sports casing. You can store your phone, cards, and/or cash in this lightweight casing without fear of water damaging your items. Wear it like a landyard, and ensure your items are always with you when you need them. Transparent portion of the casing allows for touchscreen function. You can still assess your phone and still be protected!


- Measurement: 20cm x 12cm

- Waterproof - 4 layer locking system to ensure that it is fully waterproof

- Touchscreen enabled - Phone can be assessed without removing it out off the case

- Suitable for kayaking, boating, water sports, and water activities

- Adjustable strap to hang easily around neck

Note: Colour may vary slightly from illustration.


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