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Beach Digging Tools - Shovel & Rack Set (2-in-1)

RM 29.90

Dig, scrape, rake and shovel sand and soil. These mini tools for kids are certainly a fun way for them to get their hands (and feet) dirty while playing, experimenting and exploring the world outside the home. The children mini beach tools are suitable for playing in sandy beaches or make-believe gardening or farming.


  • Enhances motor skills, creativity and improves sensory play
  • Measurement: 40cm (Length)
  • Each set comes with 1 shovel and 1 rake in assorted bright colours
  • Handles are made from steel (shovel) and wood (rake)
  • Non-toxic material, safe for children
  • Suitable for children age 5 years and above

Note: Comes in varying colours, and may vary from illustration.