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5 Proven Benefits of Playtime for Children in Malaysia

5 Proven Benefits of Playtime for Children in Malaysia

Today's fast paced world sees Malaysian parents playing an active role ensuring their children are well prepared in school to ace their exams. If you are a Malaysian parent, you’d be very familiar with this scene: Workbooks, extra lessons, tuition - everything possible to gear your children towards academic excellence. As such, the constant chase for academic excellence has undermined and put playtime in the background. 

However, we tend to forget that playtime has the power to build other important aspects of our children's character which will be crucial in future. Children should be allowed to have ample playtime in their daily routine to keep them well balanced and happy.

Below are 5 proven benefits of playtime for children.

1. Develops Social and Communication Skills

two young children playing together outdoors

Playtime is important in developing your child’s social and communication skills. 

When children play games together, they will learn how to work together as a team. As such, playtime encourages children to interact with each other.

Over time, this will build character and confidence when they learn how to take on a leadership role in a game, listen to instructions and also convey their opinions and feelings.

2. Improves Physical Development

Building toys and sensory toys allow children to develop their motor skills. They will learn about coordination, balance and reaction each time they engage in this type of playtime.

Another playtime activity that is great for physical development is outdoor games. Outdoor activities and outdoor toys encourage children to exercise and stay active. 

Boy kicking football in the open field

Every time a child spends outside playing, they get some fresh air and sunshine instead of leading a sedentary lifestyle indoors. Fly a kite, explore the neighbourhood in their mini scooter or rollerblades, have some splashing fun in the outdoor inflatable pool, play ball, etc. The list of outdoor activities is plenty!

Remember, an active kid is a healthy kid, and a healthy child is always happier.

3. Enhances Learning, Problem Solving and Creativity

Learning doesn’t only happen in schools and classrooms. It can occur during playtime as well.

There are many educational toys in the market that teaches children how to problem solve. Puzzles like the Rubik’s cube, wooden puzzles and jigsaw puzzles encourage children to use logic thinking during their playtime. Every time they face a challenge, they will push themselves to think out of the box in order to solve it. 

The best way for your toddler or young child to learn about household chores and daily life is through imitation. Pretend play toys help children stay creative and imaginative. This also builds bonding time with parents. Remember those masak-masak moments where your child takes your order?

4. Relieves Stress

Childhood stress is apparent in today’s society. With parental pressures at home and at school to excel, it is no surprise many children have lost their childhood to academic exams. 

A healthy dose of playtime encourages children to release their stress in a healthy way. After all, all work and no play make Jack and Jill dull children.

5. Emotional Development

In every game, there are winners and losers. Hence, this sort of playtime will enhance your child’s emotional development because they have to learn how to manage their feelings especially when they experience joy, sadness or disappointment. It is all part of the learning process to build mentally stronger children.

Playtime is Necessary for Happy and Healthy Malaysian Children

While chasing for good grades, parents should always remember that childhood is short. Our children are growing up fast. Let them remember their childhood fondly where every playtime was filled with laughter and quality bonding with loved ones. 

After all, we only want what’s best for them – that includes being happy.